Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

Vision Screening Project

Sight conservation and preservation of vision has been and remains one of the cornerstones of Lions Clubs International. 

Vision disorders are the most dominant handicapping condition in childhood and early detection increases the likelihood of effective treatment.

Eighty percent of what a child learns is visually acquired.

Visual impairment affects 5-10% of preschool age children but less than 21% of preschool age children have their vision screened.

Using the LEA Symbols Chart or the PlusOptix Vision Screener, which can detect most prevalent vision disorders from the age of 5 months, leads to a timely referral, professional treatment and improved or restored sight.  Lions, in doing vision screening, are not actually conducting medical exams resulting in a diagnosis; we are doing screening resulting in a referral when necessary.

The Hawaii Kai Lions Club screens close to 1,000 children at 3 grade levels at Hahaione, Kamiloiki and Koko Head elementary schools and KCAA Kuapa and Hawaii Kai Church Early Learning Center preschools.

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