Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

October 28th – Boo Bash as Koko Head Elementary School

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Submitted by Frances Lum

Koko Head Elementary School was transformed from a proper school to one crawling with creepy creatures, superheros, princesses, and more at its Boo Bash held on October 27, 2023. Spooky and whimsically decorated trucks and vans were on hand to give out candy to the excited trick or treaters (and maybe slightly frightened little ones). Students came with their siblings and parents to partake in the festivities. In addition, the new art teacher (yes, art is back in the curriculum for the first time in years!) held an art exhibition featuring art work from all grade levels. Lion Alvin Hayashibara served as “security,” just like at a real museum. Meanwhile Lion Frances Lum gave a hand where one was needed.


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