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May 2023 – JPOs ARE BACK

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Submmited by Ken Nishibun

After a long 3-year pandemic hiatus, JPOs are back at Koko Head and Hahaione Schools performing a vital safety function!  The Hawaii Kai Lions Club is also back recognizing their very critical, but sometimes overlooked service!

The Honolulu Police Department’s Junior Police Officer Program (JPO) started in 1921 and has active student participation in over 100 schools.  JPOs are trained in leadership, civic responsibility, and help ensure the safety of fellow students as they arrive in the morning and depart in the afternoon from school.  Also, in many schools, the JPOs raise and lower the United States flag in the mornings and afternoons, These deserving JPOs are entrusted with great responsibilities (they must commit to early morning and afternoon duties), therefore they are expected to be responsible and reliable, maintain academic performance, and display exemplary behavior.

The Hawaii Kai Lions Club Started the JPO Recognition Program many years ago when Lion Tommy Chun (son Darren, Assistant Police Chief) and former Lion Bob Kane (retired Assistant Police Chief) recognized the need to honor the hard work and dedication of student JPOs.  Lion Tom Jones was a generous supporter from the very start, donating Gyotaku gift certificates ($25 each this year) to all JPO’s and advisors.  The Hawaii Kai Lions also purchased $10 shave-ice certificates from Kokonuts in the Koko Marina Center (owner Sabrina Yi donated 5 certificates) to add to each packet which also included a Certificate of Appreciation.

Presentations were made at the schools’ award assemblies; May 19th at Koko Head, and May 26 at Hahaione.  Participating in this event included David Iwana, Frances Lum, and Ken Nishibun.

Principals Shannon “Cappy” Goo of Hahaione School and Jeff Shitaoka of Koko Head School expressed their sincere appreciation for the continued support of the Hawaii Kai Lions. 

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