Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

May 16th – Sorting HI-5 bottles and cans at Koko Head Elementary School

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Submmited by Silvia Ardila

Once again Lions members say “yes” when requested to assist with recycling at Koko Elementary School.

As with previous recycling days, the Lions arrived very early and began to work with school personnel, the PTSA and some members of the community.

The sound of bottles, cans colliding with each other, is a sign that the cage is going to be empty soon!

Cynthia is quite an expert; she brings a small stool where she sits to take off the plastic and glass bottle caps, as well as separating cans to one side, bottles to another, glass in another place and throwing everything that is not HI-5 into one side.

Ells and Silvia decide to work as a team from time to time, filling bags depending on the demand. If there is a lot of plastic, they fill a bag to the top and then start with the glass bottles. Lisa participates with all her energy collecting and sorting, as well as using the rake to get the recycling out of the cage.

Each full bag is a sign that there is less recyclables to classify.

Finally, after physically demanding tasks and with sore backs, we are all happy to see that the cage is empty and clean (until it fills up again!).

The Koko Elementary School staff are always very grateful for our collaboration, since each person is key to finishing as soon as possible.

Thanks to all the Lion volunteers:  Lions Cynthia Chun, Ells Fujii, Yolisa Ishibashi, and Silvia Ardila.

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