Hawaii Kai Lions District 50 - Club Number 14324

August 23rd – Kalama Valley Sign Restoration

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Submitted by Bill Kern

Adjacent to Hawaii Kai Drive at the two streets that enter Kalama Valley is a lawn area with two signs designating the “Kalama Valley” neighborhood. Made of several glued-together lumber boards, these two signs had fallen into disrepair over the decades of rain and full sunshine, with carpenter bees, ants of various sizes, and lizards squatting into the tunnels, cracks and crevices.

In coordination with the Mariners Valley Two Maintenance Association (which is comprised of 470
homes in Kalama Valley nearest to the green lawn area), the Hawaii Kai Lions provided time and effort to plan, prep, and paint the two signs, while the Maintenance Association procured all the needed pesticide, paint, and siding materials, and will gratefully promote the services provided by the Hawaii Kai Lions in its upcoming annual communication to membership.

After several preparatory steps in July & August of reviewing plans, applying pesticide, and procuring
materials, the core team of four started setting up tents, generator and tools at 8:30am on August 23rd. The process included sanding and applying caulk to the existing wood beams, applying primer paint to new wood trim material, securing Hardie board siding material to the top, sides, and back of the wood beams (for greatly improved weather resistance), framing the front and back with wood trim material, and two coats of paint for the Canyon Clay-colored base and Creamy-colored lettering.

In addition to Hawaii Kai Lions Club volunteers Eric Kvick, Kelvin Kaneoka, Bill Kern, Frances Lum and Ellsworth Fujii, a volunteer from the Mariners Valley Maintenance Association board, Lonnie Bonds, was part of the core team, and is interested in learning more about becoming a member of Hawaii Kai Lions.

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